July 21, 2009

Crispy Fried and smothered in Sunscreen

YAY! Summer has arrived!
Today was a beautiful sunshiney day ..... and it was warm!
I told the kids to enjoy it while they could, it may be the first and last
day of 'summer' this year! lol
It's been cold, rainy and overall craptacular.
Being the cool Moms that we are, my SIL & I decided today was THE
day to take the kids to our local amusement park and enjoy the day
riding rides, eating overpriced ass widening food and just being with our kids.
What we didn't count on was the sun being quite so strong.
I had sunscreen on.
I swear I did.
But .... I still ended up getting crispy fried.

Ain't I a beauty!
All freckled up and no one to count them.

As you can see from the pictures, my "normal" color is Casper White.
Well, at least my Moon will still "glow"!

**Oh, one more thing, I wrote this post LASTNIGHT .... as of today, we are back to rainy, shitty and cold.**

Aaahhh ..... summertime.


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