November 23, 2009


There are some moments that stop me in my tracks.
My heart skips a little, and I catch my breath.
Tonight was one of those nights.
I was sitting in my chair, getting ready to watch football, and in walks Lil Man.
In his hand was a picture.
This picture to be exact.
Those who have been reading while will recognize it.
It is of my mother.
One of the few that I have.
It sits on my dresser.

Well, tonight Lil Man walks in with the picture and this is the conversation that ensued:

LM: "who is this?"

ME: : "that's my Mommy, Grandma Suzy"

LM: "I wanna see her"

ME: "You can't baby, she died and now she's gone"

LM: "what do you mean died? Who made her dead?

ME: "She was very sick baby, no one made her dead. We all die eventually"

LM: "I wanna see her. I'll get an airplane to take me"

ME: "no baby, you can't see her. If you went to see her you'd be dead and i'd never see you again"

LM: "is she your Mommy, mommy?"

ME: "yes, that's my mommy"

LM: "I love her. I love you Mommy"

Some moments just so ........

I can't even find any words through my tears right now.
So for you Mom, i'll play one of your favorite songs.
And how ironic it is.


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