February 9, 2010

Generation Whiny-ass

A long time ago, in a high school not so far away, there was a young girl
who had a bit of a wild streak in her.
Ok, more than a bit.
I was a BAD girl.
But, when I did something really terrible and got caught, I knew it was over.
I took my punishment and made amends for my jezebel ways.
Kids today?
Not a chance in hell!
They whine, cry, cajole, beg, plead, throw a temper tantrum that puts my 4 year old to shame and after all that, if they still don't get the result they feel they're "entitled" to, they go on a hunger strike.
Really? Are you fucking serious?
Emotional blackmail.
I refuse to give in to it.
I eat that bullshit for breakfast.
The last couple weeks I have had the distinct displeasure to witness the complete melt down of a young person who fucked up majorly.
Long story short: Left the house at night to go to their "love of my lifes" house.
The person in question is very much a minor, the LOML is not.
The PIQ spent the night at LOML.
Not in the same room if you believe the LOML parents.
I have serious doubts.
I mean, they know that PIQ is a minor.
Why didn't they contact the parents of the PIQ?
I'll tell you why.
Apparently PIQ parents are abusive, and PIQ was scared.
Well, according to PIQ they are.
So again I question LOML parents.
If they thought PIQ was REALLY being abused, why didn’t they then call the police?
Would you knowingly let a MINOR stay in your home knowing that the parents weren’t aware that said minor had left?
I sure as hell wouldn’t!
The whole abuse claim?
Complete bullshit.
I know PIQ's parents, and believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.
So now, because of these 2 selfish idiots, everyone and their Mother is involved.
Police, Child Services, Crisis Services, etc.
It's been a non-stop parade of people.
PIQ and LOML have been forbidden to be together anymore.
HA! Uh huh .... like that's gonna stop them.
Talk about pouring fuel onto the fire!
It’s all a bit too much “Romeo & Juliet” for me.

But you know what really chaps my delicate ass in all this?
On all sides of this fuster cluck.
When did parents stop parenting?
When did parents lose their rights?
As a parent, I am liable and responsible for my child.
I can be charged and/or imprisoned because of their bullshit.
But hey, kids have rights too, right?!
“They” have empowered our children to lie and abuse the system.
This in turn also abuses the family.
The family pays the price for the lying brat.
I can barely raise my voice to my kid without someone raising an eyebrow at me in an accusing way.
What the hell is THAT?
So much for the “It takes a village to raise a child” theory.
The “village” likes to cast judgment and prevent me from actually parenting.

When did parents begin to fear their children?
Maybe I’m back asswards, but I am of the opinion that my children should fear me.
I realize that there are plenty of kids out there that ARE in abusive situations.
But the PIQ is NOT one of them.
Far from it.
I’m not saying this child should be flogged for their transgression.
PIQ is a kid, I expect kids to make mistakes and fuck up.
I also expect them to take ownership and realize what they have done.
Personal Responsibility.
PIQ has not.
PIQ acts like it’s everyone else’s fault and that WE owe them an apology.
PIQ is still playing games and lying, and I fear that it’s only going to get worse.
I see only bad things happening.
Or should I say, worse things happening.

So, what do we adults and parents DO?
I am not, nor will I ever advocate any form of physical punishment (slapping, flogging, etc) as a way to discipline any child.
But is it wrong that I want PIQ to walk around with a sign that clearly states their crime and how they’re treating their family?
Ok, yes, I know.
Public humiliation is also a form of abuse.
How about just around their house with the sign?
Damn …..
I won’t get into the details of PIQs punishment thus far, but in my opinion, it hasn’t been near enough.
A lasting impression needs to be made, and so far, it hasn’t.


At 2/9/10, 8:04 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh my lord! I could not agree more & guess what? I have no kids!

At 2/9/10, 8:24 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

Kids today.... hell.. Parents today...
In regards to physical punishment I don't advocate it but I really thin PIQ needs to be smacked upside the head.... just once.... just my opinion.... and LOML's parents need a smacking too....

At 2/9/10, 11:13 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Go old school and WHUP THAT ASS. Just don't let anyone see you do it, as that form of punishment seems to be completely out of style, and often illegal these days.




At 2/9/10, 11:36 AM , Blogger Walker said...

I know from my kids that they can be difficult.
I don't believe in beating your kids because it doesn't work, my father tried it on me but as parents we are to provide basic needs to our kids.
Meaning we are to feed them,cloth and have a roof over their heads.
Anything else is bonus like the internet, designer clothes and other things they covet like their PSPs and cell phones.

Kids have it so easy they are now abusing us.
As a kid i had to work for what I wanted and I don't mean at home.
I had to work to make the money to buy my perks.

Who's to blame today, I guess it falls on everyone.
The government who put laws on record to protect children but not enough resources to investigate complaints thus charging in just on the flimsy information some malcontents have provided to gain the upper hand on their parents.
Disrupting their whole world because of one spoiled little shit.

Parents for being scared to confront their kids on issues and to impose proper punishment instead of walking away from the confrontation and allowing their kids to celebrate a victory.

The kids for having little or no respect for their parents.

I think PIQs parents should take every luxury she has they THEY bought away from her and to give it to people who need it.
I love the public humiliation punishment.
Mine knows that i am nuts and I have threatened to take pictures of her room if she doesn't keep it clean and tape fliers of her room throughout her school in the hallways with the name in capital letters so everyone would know who's room it was for.

Raising kids shouldn't be a war but the system today gives you no choice.

Idle threats don't empower parents, only action does.

At 2/9/10, 3:46 PM , Blogger Jimmy Bastard said...

Jezebel huh? ....do tell us more.

At 2/9/10, 8:20 PM , Blogger littleone said...

sounds like you work in the school i used to work in........ spoiled brats!!

the new school is so different... tough parents don't take any crap from their kids.. their kids should be honoured to be getting an education.... it boggles my mind the difference..... and the schools are only 20 miles (give or take) apart.....

Wanna hear what one parent threatened his son with as a punishment....... gonna send him to live with his aunt and uncle ........ in Kenya. Kid hasn't said boo since........

shaking head... it all boggles my mind honestly !!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

At 2/9/10, 10:29 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Kimberly: Be thankful?

Savage: LOML parents REALLY need a good smacking! So does PIQ ... especially if you heard the things that come out of PIQ's mouth towards their parents!

Heff: *sigh* sometimes a smack is needed.

Walker: EXACTLY! If you have no intention of standing firm, then shut the fuck up.

JB: Where should I start?

littleone: Ph honey! Don't EVEN get me started on the darling dears that I work with at school!
THAT is a whole other post entirely!

At 2/9/10, 11:54 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

reason number 300 why I'm really, really, really glad I just have dogs.


At 2/15/10, 9:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

love all your response and piq may be finally realizing that whole family means business (but i'm not totally convinced, now to work on rest of siblings.... piq blunders have enraged siblings against her (with good reason) and they do not want loml name even mentioned in the same room...

but long long road to go to get piq back on right track favorite comment right now STOP BULLSHITTING... not believed...... answer NO thats to all requests and house/relative request, no phone no computer and the list goes on.....

At 3/13/10, 7:38 PM , Blogger Fallen Angel said...

just so everyone knows...I am PIQ. Yes, I fucked up. I realize that I did. Will everything be peachy keen tomorrow morning? Hell no. I wish it could but it wont be. I have caused my family, LOML and his family so much pain. I want to say sorry...but I know that sorry will NEVER be enough.

May I just say, I guess I am spoiled but I dont let it go to my head. Ive NEVER had a cellular device nor do I want one. I dont need one.

My parents let me on the computer almost every night. I am slowly gaining trust and respect back. I have burned many bridges with running away. I know that I will never be able to repair some of them but I will do anything in my power to rebuild most of them.


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