January 10, 2010


This year for Christmas I received toys.
Not Legos.
Or the Wii.
Not even an Ipod.

I received "adult" toys.
The kind that twirl,


Mmmmm .....

Ladies, you know what i'm talking about, right?
If not, you should.

I HIGHLY recommend them.

Know what the best part is?
I received my favorite toy from Jack.
Sometimes I need more ..... know what I mean?

He gets me.

I was kinda surprised at the size.
And yeah, I know size isn't everything .... but OMFG!

It's HUGE!
Will it fit?

Sweet jesus!

But, once I got it fired up and started playing
well, any fear I had of the size went right out the window!

“Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!”

It fit perfectly!
Like it was made for me.
It’s a beauty too.
Smooth …..

Shiny …..

I am so in love!
With my toy ….
And Jack.

I mean, what girl wouldn’t be?

A gift that will guarantee more orgasms ….
For me AND him.

Did I mention that we can use it

Oh yeah baby.

There he is .....

My obsidian stud.

Isn't he gorgeous?

Ok, I bet you're wondering how this will give me AND Jack more orgasms.

Let me explain.

Jack loves baked goods,

I love to bake.
I can make him all kinds of deliciously sinful goodies.

He in turn will be so sugared up that he will naturally spend even more time making me scream and tear open his back.

Um, I mean, pleasuring me.

(Not that he needs to. We're already quite shameless. He just makes me want more and more.
I'm greedy …. And yes, it is most DEFINITELY a 2-way street.)

You see?
WIN/WIN situation.



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