December 23, 2009

Let the Ho Ho Ho-ing begin!

Ahhhh ..... the last day with the Darling Angels (kids I work with).
And what a day it was!
Kids on sugar is like Whitney Houston on Crack ...... scary.
And OMFG were these kids sugared up!
The "casualties" were piling up ..... QUICK!
Student A: Possible broken hand
from punching
Student B: In the face. No broken bones, nice shiner though!
Student C: Visible foot/boot print on the back
Student D
Student E: Another possible broken hand due to missing punching Student D and hitting a locker.
Yes, it was a bloody final day before Holiday Break.
Even Mike Tyson would have had his ear spit back at him today.
On the plus side, they only called me an evil racist bitch twice.
So yeah, I'm filled with all KINDS of Christmasy spirit and shit.

Until I got a call from Lil Man's Daycare that is.
Seems my Woobie had an "accident" and didn't quite make it to the toilet in time.
No biggie.
He has spare clothes.
But ..... it got all inside his shoes too.
They had to rinse them out and didn't have another pair that would fit my Big Foot.
(Yes, my four year old wears a youth size 3 and is just shy of 4ft tall .... he's a tank!)
His bus was due to arrive, what should she do.
Now, here's my dilemma.
I'm due back to MY job and my sons school is about 10 mins away.
I have no one to take shoes to him.
So, being the Super Mom that I am I say, "i'm on my way, i'll take care of it".
Don't know how exactly, but, you gotta do what you gotta do right?
Fly over to his school, get to his room.
I walk upstairs to the nurses office.
He's not there.
The nurse informs me that Lil Man was sent home on the bus.
With no shoes.
He had socks on with plastic bags on them.
It's like 18 fucking degrees outside!
Do you people have actual working brain cells?
So yeah, I have a mini freak, and she says this little gem to me, "Well, all you said was you were on your way and you'd take care of it. You didn't SAY you were coming here".
Um .... Yeah dipshit, I did.
But, I didn't have time to argue with her.
I can only hope her blond haircoloring kills any remaining brain cell that tried to function.
We're all better off I think.
Now, I have NO TIME to to run shoes to his daycare.
I call them and let them know what was going on.
They were as stunned as I.
I mean, who in their right mind would put a child on a bus in winter with no shoes?
It was snowing and cold.
Believe me, this is NOT the end of this.

But for now, I'm letting it all out here and letting it go.
Till January 4th.

Merry ChrismaHanaKwanzika!


At 2/6/10, 4:01 PM , Blogger TAG said...

So what happened after the school started back?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Plus, ah... the joys of being a school teacher. Lovely.

I feel your pain. My parents were both teachers. Dad's specialty was special ed. That training gave him the tools necessary to deal with 5 sons.



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