December 15, 2009

Same day ....

.... different perspective.

Today when I picked up Lil Man from daycare, it was snowing.
Not hard.
But nice, big, fat, watery snowflakes.

As we stepped out of the doorway and headed towards the parking lot,
he stopped me and said, "catch a snowflake on your tongue Mommy".
I stopped on the walk with him, craned my neck upwards to the sky,
closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue.

There we stood, mother and son, hands firmly clasped.
Heads bent backwards, tongues sticking out to catch snowflakes.
I even took my glasses off so I could catch some of those snowflakes on my lashes.

It was a wonderful and beautiful lesson .... as taught to me by a 4 year old.
The simplest of things can make the biggest impact on your attitude.

What a gift.

9 shoplifting days left!


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