December 5, 2009

Karmic countdown .....

Life being the funny, ass-kicking, karmic bitch that she is, decided to pay me a visit today.
Maybe it was me posting/boasting about being all done with my shopping.
Or that I have all those lovely gifts wrapped.
Maybe she got her panties in a wad over my desire to bake my fat ass off.
Who knows.
What I do know is that on the way home for lunch yesterday, my car all of the sudden lost power and died.
Yes, died.
Thankfully, I was able to turn down a side street and get out of the VERY heavy traffic on the main road I was travelling on.
Oh, did I mention that all this happened in the middle of a slight snow storm too?
Yeah ….
First one of the season.
Not that it was a lot but it was wet and heavy.
The roads were slick, and it was coming down fairly steady.
So, as I swing my van onto the side street, my van comes to a stop close to the curb and I try in vain to get it started again.
It would turn over, and then die.
No big deal, I’ll just call for a ride home and get a tow later.
Easy peazy, eh?
Maybe in your world, but certainly not in mine.
I reach into my purse for my phone ….
And search …..
And search ……
And search.
I rip the fucker apart, dumping every last thing in it out.
No phone.
Check all over my coat, the van, everywhere.
No phone.
Get ready to brave the gale force wall of snow coming down furiously to find a pay phone when I see a man walk up to my van.
He was working in the recycling truck further up the road and noticed that I was having problems.
Did I need help?
Um …. YES.
Do you have a phone?
Um …. It’s at home. (AWESOME)
Here’s mine, call whoever you need, I’ll be right back.
I could have kissed him!
I didn’t.
I called for a tow.
Hour and a half later, I’m sitting in the tow truck with a very nice man, Keith.
He puts the heat on blast so I can attempt to thaw out as he brings me and my van safely back home.
I’m not sure exactly what the problem is with my van, but it feels like when my idle sensor took a shit on me last year.
But, maybe not.
The fact that I couldn’t keep her running even while my foot was on the gas has me thinking it’s something more.

That’ll learn me.
NO MORE boasting over being ready for ANYTHING!
I will just bitch like everyone else, and be happy.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I am headed out to shovel.

20 days.


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