December 3, 2009

Another day ....

Another day closer to Christmas .....
Another day closer to the end of the week.
Wanna know what the difference today is though?
I have finished all my shopping AND I finished all the wrapping.
Yes kids, you read that right.
I am DONE!

Now I can get down to the REAL work of Christmas ....

I am not Betty fucking Crocker.
Butt, I LOVE baking.
This is what I will be baking this year:
~ sugar cookie cutouts
~rum balls
~cherry balls
~mexican wedding cakes
~fruitcake cookies
~cranberry orange drops
~peanut butter blossoms
~triple berry tiramisu
~pumpkin pie
~oatmeal raisin bars
~banana bread

I should mention too that my ass doesn't need ANY of this.
Not that I will eat a whole lot of it.
I don't eat much of what I bake.
I like to bake it all and give it away.
It makes me happy.

22 days.


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