December 10, 2009

Snow days .....

I love them and hate them.
I get to sleep in.
I only have MY unwashed heathens to deal with.
Today was a snow day.
No school.
No work.
Crank-ass kids.

The oldest was pissed because he couldn't see his girlfriend.
The youngest was pissed because it was too windy for him to go play in the snow.
Me? I just wanted to get pissed!

Instead I did what normal people do .... laundry, cleaning and having sex talk time with Jack.
Oh wait, that was at 3am.
Ok, I wanted to have more sex talk time.
Butt, he was busy fighting with a computer.
No sexy time.

Wanted to bake more today.
I needed Almond filling, I bought Almond paste.

Wanted to take a nap.
Between the kids, the phone and the wind blowing, a nap was out of the question.

Ah well .... at least I didn't called a fucking bitch whore today.


At 12/10/09, 10:04 PM , OpenID daisyfae said...

any day i don't get called a fucking bitch whore is a grand day in my world... some days we tread water. today? you treaded snow...

At 12/13/09, 1:21 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

If you consider that it's 11,12 & 13 year olds calling me a fucking bitch whore, then you understand why I was so thrilled.


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