December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Now bend over so I can ram this vehicle repair bill right up your ass!
I will be ranting and swearing.
A lot.

As we learned about 2 weeks ago, my van, the Shag Van, died.
I mean dead dead.
After a little bit, it was determined that the catalytic converter was plugged and would need to be replaced.
Thankfully, I have an "in" for vehicle parts, so I was able to purchase a brand spanking new converter with pipes, clamps and all the necessary goodies for $300.
Just what I need, an added expense at Christmas time.
Like my kids don't gobble up enough of what little I make.
Still, I am very happy that I escaped with only paying $300.

I call my mechanic friend and have him pick up the van to take to his shop to put the shiny new parts on.
This was on Monday.
Today is Thursday.
I haven't heard nary a word.
The job should have only taken about an hour, two max.
So, I call up the shop.

HIM: "Hello, Screw You Hard Automotive Repair, may I help you?"
ME: "May I please speak to Lazarus?"
ME: "Good morning Lazarus, it's Blazngfyre. I was calling to check on my van."
HIM: "It's done and ready to go."
ME: "Fantastic! How much do I owe you?"
HIM:"Well, here's the thing (I know im screwed at this point). When we changed out the catalytic converter we noticed that you had done a lot of damage to your plugs and wires, so we changed them out. They were really gummed up bad."
ME: "Ok. I knew they were gonna need to be done anyway. So how much total?"
HIM: "Well, (WHAT? there's MORE?????????) we noticed a hole in your muffler when we were under there too. I don't want you saying I put a hole in it, so I put a new on".
ME: (FRUSTRATED) "No one called me to ask me for any of this extra work. (SILENCE)
HOW MUCH???????????"
HIM: "I don't have the final figure yet. Let me call you back".

Are you fucking kidding me?
It's Christmas time twinkledick!
Where in bloody hell am I supposed to come up with all this money?
Yeah, I work 2 jobs.
But I also have 2 kids.
There's no other source of income.
Wait, I do get food stamps for the boys.
But i'm still poor.


Fucking blood sucking sons of diseased whores!
I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas ... on me.
I despise bottom feeders.
Taking advantage of me and my good nature.
It would have taken 5 minutes to call me a apprise me of the situation.
I realize that to a good many, new plugs & wires and a new muffler aren't that big a deal.
But for me, it is.
I live on a budget.
I have to plan for some of these ongoing costs and do them when I get the money together.
To do it all at once, especially right now, is taxing on my purse strings.
And my fucking nerves.

Fuck me gently with a chain saw.

So, i'm not sure exactly how much I'll be shelling out.
Who knows, maybe all this bitching is me just blowing shit waaaaaaay out of proportion.
But somehow, I doubt it.
Fucker ......


At 12/17/09, 9:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't they have to give you an estimate? my mechanic has me sign off on a 'verbal', because i trust him, i do it. but he calls me if there's extra work...

call the better business folks and ask a few questions... that's wrong. they can't do unauthorized work, without your approval. get 'em...


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