January 6, 2010

Falling Angel

Sad Angel

I saw you spread your wings in the moons illuminating glow.
Flying through the midnight sky.
Soaring higher,
Gliding further,
With reckless abandon.
Wild and untamed.
Pure and innocent.

Your downy wings carrying you to places you only dreamed of.
Without warning, the clouds darkened and turned black as pitch.
The ominous sky filled with silent screams.
An iniquitous bolt of lightning clipped your wing.
Your descending figure shielded as you spiraled downwards through the nebulous.
Touching earths soil,
To become a fallen angel.

With wings folded, you tried to protect yourself.
But the damage had been done.
I see you hiding your soul behind those wings,
Tattered and broken as they are.
The sins of the past have surfaced to claim another from the present.
You have now become mortal …..
Just like me.
Never touch a star again.
Never to soar the open sky again.
It shall remain in the shadow of your life forever more.

Sad Angel
Angel ….

For each tear that
Falls from your eyes,
So shall a shooting
Star fall to earth ....
For all the world to see.


At 1/18/10, 9:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you do when the fallen angel has turned on all that would give their lives for her? How do we reach her, pull her back to safety, maybe its impossible...


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