February 1, 2010

over it

I've had it.
I'm done.
I'm tired.

I may be back.
I may not.


At 2/1/10, 8:27 PM , OpenID daisyfae said...

Take care...

At 2/2/10, 12:02 AM , Blogger Buffalo said...

Not returning is not a viable or acceptable option. You are too important.

At 2/3/10, 11:04 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

Don't make us suffer because you're having a bad day.

At 2/3/10, 1:58 PM , Blogger TAG said...

Ultimately we should all do what is in our best interest. Let me just say I'd hate to have you quit blogging just as I'm getting to know you.

A flickering light is better than no light at all in a world of darkness.


At 2/4/10, 5:05 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Daisyfae: Thank you. :)

Buffalo: Hmmm .... i'm not quite sure how i'm important, but i'll roll with it!
BTW, you're a doll!

Kimberly: But honey, that's what I do! :D

TAG: Awww ... you're so very sweet.
I'll be back. I just need a break.

Thank you all!


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