January 24, 2010


I hunger for you
As my mouth joins your mouth
I can taste your excitement
The soft flesh of your lips
Pressing against mine
Tongues exploring
Mingling their wetness
Sharing their desire
I become soft and compliant
In your uncompromising hands
As I breathe you in
My fingers raking down your back
As your hands slide up mine and into my hair
Lifting your shirt
Exposing your chest
Unbuttoning your pants
Revealing your naked body
Inch by inviting inch
Lifting my skirt
Exposing my thighs
Removing my panties
Revealing my naked body
Inch by inviting inch
Do you feel the heat
between my legs?
You slide inside me
Taking me
Filling me
Pleasing me
I cry out in ecstasy
Do you hear the song I sing for you?
In a frenzied climax
We are satisfied
I should tell you that I love you
Far beyond the physical satisfaction
Of this brief moment
My heart needs your heart
To be whole


At 2/6/10, 2:58 PM , Blogger JLee said...

I guess everyone was afraid to comment on this. Great stuff! ;)

At 2/6/10, 10:20 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

JLee: Thanks! Actually, I had many comments, but they were in Haloscan which is now defunct.
I had to remove it from my blog and revert to Blogger Comments.

I'm glad you like it! :D


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