March 2, 2010

Green Eyes ....

Green eyes .....

With the soft light.
With the promise of sweet nights.
With the longing for love’s divine.

Green eyes .....

Within dreams I hold you.
With a thrill so sublime I kiss you.

Green eyes .....

Wherein my love lies.
Searching for happiness

Green eyes .....

Ever hunting me.
Ever taunting me.

Green eyes .....

Will they ever want me?


At 3/2/10, 12:57 AM , Blogger Buffalo said...

Very poignant and very well done.

It took a lot of searching for me, but then custom orders sometimes take longer. In my case I had to wait for to be born and grow up.

At 3/2/10, 8:51 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

Hey... I got green eyes... (wink)

At 3/2/10, 11:13 AM , Blogger Heff said...

My poem is about green eyes, too ;)

At 3/2/10, 3:52 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Very nice.
I can't see what any color eyes wouldn't want you.

At 3/2/10, 5:35 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Buffalo: I wouldn't have appreciated him had I met him when I was younger ... but he had to wait for ME to be born and grow up! lol

Savage: Oooohhhhh .... green eyes and you wear kilts?

Heff: Such a beautiful pair of orbs that Donna has!

Walker: I can name you a few different colors! lol
Sweet man! :D


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