April 9, 2010

My cups runneth over?!

During one of mine & Jack’s lunchtime sex talks chat sessions, the subject of bra sizes came up.
I have varied in size over the years ranging from 36B to 40E.
Pregnancy, weight loss/gain all play a part in bra size.
I am currently a 40D and am very happy with my girls.
Jack asked me what size I am.
He loves my tits, but he could care less what the actual size is.
He merely says they’re perfect …. For HIM.
However, being the curious one and just for S&G (shits & giggles), I decided to consult an online calculator.
The first place I tried, http://www.85b.org claims my actual US bra size is a 44D
The second one, http://www.atlastravel.nazwa.pl/mini has me at a 40G (US).
The third calculator, http://www.bellissimalingerie.com/catalogue/brasize.asp puts me at a solid 42D (US).
Much closer to reality I think.
Still not convinced, I went to http://honeyslingerieboutique.com/fitting and they have me at 42DD (US)!
And, just because I am now OBSESSED with knowing how big my rack is, I went to http://www.plussizebras.info/measure.html for an additional measurement.
They however, do not have a calculator.
You have to take 5 measurements and do the math.
Above bust with bra off …
Under bust with bra off …
Above bust with bra on …
Bustline with bra on …
Under bust with bra on …
Result? 42E.

Hmmm ….. 5 different calculators using the exact same measurements and I have 5 different bra sizes.
No wonder why the majority of women are wearing the WRONG SIZE …. no one can seem to figure out a way to measure tits properly!
Maybe we should just use the mouth/hand ratio.
Hmmm ….
I digress.
The D or DD measurements are easily the most accurate I believe.
But an E and/or a G?
Oh my ….

I think the only way my curiosity will now be satisfied is if I go to the store and try on ALL the sizes that were given.
Who knows, maybe that 40G IS right on!
I need new bras anyway.
HA HA HA ….. like I need an excuse to go bra shopping!
I love bras.
One can never have too many …. In my opinion.
Silk, lace, cotton, leather, satin, etc.
Love them all!

Off to the bra store I go!
I shall report back on my “field testing”.


At 4/9/10, 1:37 AM , Blogger Jimmy Bastard said...

....we'll need photies hen, large colour ones at that!

At 4/9/10, 6:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a frustrating process... and i've found the only thing that works is to try them on. from what i recall, an "E" is just a "DD", and "F" is a "DDD" and a "G" would be a "DDDD"... but since i had mine cut down, i'm a happy "C" and no longer have to deal with the multiples!

good luck! definitely post pics!

At 4/9/10, 9:48 AM , Blogger Walker said...

Hmmmmm, maybe they should go by weight like they do in boxing.
Strawweight = A cup with tissue
Junior flyweight = A cup without tissue
Flyweight = B and so on all the way up to Heavyweight = 48 EE
Any poor bastard the unhooks that clip might get knocked out by a flying nipple

At 4/9/10, 10:19 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

yummy at any rate or size....

At 4/9/10, 11:12 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE YOU ?, Lol !!!

The BEST form of measurement is MY HANDS, but seriously, I FEEL for women, I really do.

Donna has to buy different sizes with every different "brand". With some, she's a large 38 D, with others, she's a "small" 36 DD.

Tit truly boggles the mind !!

At 4/9/10, 12:48 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Jimmy Doll: Large color photos eh?
Be careful what you wish for, that's all i'm sayin! :D

Daisyfae: Trying on bras isn't a problem ... it's being able to walk out of the bra store with some $$ that will be! lol

Walker: Well, when I find out if i'm a D, DD, E or G then I can determine which class I should be "fighting" in.

Savage: Boob man! Glad to see so many men who appreciate boobs ... no matter what size!

Heff: Brand has a lot to do with wacky sizing too.
French bras are notoriously cut smaller and really aren't made for wide backs like mine.
The only way your hands are good for measuring properly is if you have big hands.

At 4/10/10, 10:50 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Heff - (visually sizing my hands....)


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