March 17, 2010

MCW - Death, II

The theme for this weeks Movie Clip Wednesday is "Best Death Scene".
Again, I had a difficult time choosing.
The clip I DID choose actually has a few death scenes in it.
It's from the movie "Last of The Mohicans".
It's close to the end of the movie, and the particular death scene is the one involving the blonde haired sister standing on the ledge.
I won't say anymore as you should watch the clip yourself.
I will say though, the look on her face is quite compelling.

I hope you enjoy the clip!

oh, I haven't forgotten .... Happy St. Patrick's Day!


At 3/17/10, 12:17 AM , Blogger Walker said...

This was the best part of the whole movie.
Happy St. Patty's Day

Have some Guinness and a Jamison's who knows you might dance a naked jig ;)

At 3/17/10, 1:34 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

Great pick! I remember this scene. One moment she is NOT in control of her destiny... the next? She is. Shocking and yet, quiet and peaceful. Poof! She's gone. I have referred to this scene many times when discussing the ability to truly JUST LET GO. Happy MCW AND St.Patty's!

At 3/17/10, 7:20 AM , Blogger TROLL Y2K said...

Good selection. I liked the music a lot.

Happy MCW!

At 3/17/10, 8:00 AM , Blogger savannah said...

i didn't watch the clip because, i've never seen the movie! now i will, sugar! (read the book, if that counts!) xoxoxo

At 3/17/10, 9:51 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Best Death scene....damn, I'd have to think about that one for awhile...

At 3/17/10, 10:21 AM , Blogger Joanna Cake said...

I dont have enough bandwidth or download left to do seven minutes but LOM is a good film, sadly not as good as the BBC adaptation from the Seventies where we were all introduced to the mohawk/mohican hairdo for the first time as worn by Philip Madoc for the character Magua, if I recall. Another seminal Cake moment. Ruf has pics of his own 'Mohican'.

Happy St Paddy's Day!

At 3/17/10, 11:27 AM , Blogger moi said...

Hey, you blog jinxed with Milk River Madman. Great scene. Makes me want to go back and watch the entire movie again. And la, la, la, la, la my way through Daniel Day Lewis's performance. Happy MCW!

At 3/17/10, 12:43 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Walker: Yeah, these last 7+ minutes were THE best!
Naked jig? HA HA HA only if I want to scare away the children!

Boxer: I KNOW! It stuns you for a second ... AMAZING!

Troll: The soundtrack is 'da bomb! I have it in my ipod.

Savannah: I have the book and have read it many times. I love to movie for Eric Schweig (Uncus) ... tasty! ;D

Heff: Waiting ... ???

Cake: I will have to look for the BBC version. I always enjoy seeing different perspectives.

Moi: I agree, DDL was shite in in this movie, but as I stated above, it was Uncus who kept my eyes glued to the screen! *sigh*

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

At 3/17/10, 12:53 PM , Blogger Milk River Madman said...

What can I say except great minds and thinking alike....I remember the first time I saw this and when Uncas died I was shocked and pissed. Then, the next night when I went again, I was sad as soon as the scene started. Happy MCW.

At 3/17/10, 2:46 PM , Blogger Karl said...

Good afternoon BlazngScarlet,

Very good choice, lots of deaths in this scene. Most of them their own individual meaning. A great soundtrack too.

At 3/17/10, 9:44 PM , Blogger Buzz Kill said...

There's a whole lotta death in this scene. I remember when I first saw this movie and couldn't get over how bruttal it was. The scene where Magua cuts out the heart of the Britiah officer was really intense too. Good choice for multiple, individual deaths.

Happy MCW!


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