April 11, 2010

TAG ....

I'm it!

So about two weeks ago or so, I asked TAG to Interview me.
He sent me his list of questions last week, and to be honest, I haven’t been arsed to answer them.
Some are a bit challenging to answer, and well, I’m a lazy ass.
But, I ASKED to be interviewed.
So, it’s only fair that I answer them.
Even if they do end up being a bit cheeky.

Here are the questions:

1. I know you are madly deeply in love with your gentleman friend. I also know your attitude about marriage could best be described as luke warm. One of your sons comes to you to tell you that he and his girlfriend are going to live together because they don't believe in marriage. What advice will you give them?
Luke warm? Not really. I think marriage is wonderful and lovely, just not for me. If my son came to me and said that living together was what he & his lady want to do, then my first question will be …. Are you happy? After that, my next best piece of advice would be for the two of them to have an open and honest discussion about money, expenses, who pays for what, etc. Living together, for me, is very much a marriage …. Just without the cost of a dress and changing my name. The same “issues” exist within cohabitation as marriage, and if it’s going to work, then financial issues need to be discussed and arranged.
2. Through a miracle you are granted the power to bring someone back to life, but only for a day. You get to spend one day with this person. Who do you bring back and what do the two of you do?
On first glance at this question it seemed like a no-brainer. I would bring back my Mother and we would spend the day talking, laughing, seeing her Grandchildren, etc. But then I thought, but it would only be for a day, could I bear losing her AGAIN???? I’ve actually been torn over this question, but I think in the end, I WOULD bring back my Mother. I was only 10 when she died, and I have sooooo many questions, and just to be able to refresh my own memory of her voice, her laugh and her scent would make it worth going through the pain of losing her again.
3. Congress has finally come to their senses and seen that YOU are the perfect person to lead the nation. They are willing to go along with almost anything you say. Well, for the first day or so. After getting a good look at the books you discover some interesting facts. There is not enough money to provide for the national defense and fund social security + medicare and run the government. You can abolish one of those three things or you can take everything from every person who has more than 10 million dollars. They will suddenly become penniless but you will have the money you need (for a very short time only). What will you do?
Ahhh … but you see, no matter how much Congress goes along with me, the Supreme Court can overrule any ideas that either myself or Congress comes up with. None of these are viable solutions as abolishing any of them won’t help in the long run. So, I will become ineffective, like most of our leaders.
4. You have geeky neighbors on both sides. One is very close to perfecting a formula that will help everyone over 80 never again have an incontinence problem. The other is working on the best, most beautiful nail polish colors you've ever seen. One afternoon bad weather sweeps through the neighborhood. You have room to save one of these neighbors in your tornado shelter. You know they will be so grateful their new invention will bear your name forever. Whom do you save?
Depends I guess. (LOL)  Nail Polish Queen. Who wants to be known for stopping incontinence?
5. Mr.'s Ben and Jerry are on your door step. They love you and want you to help them design their next flavor of ice cream. What flavor do you design?
Spicy Thai dark chocolate with raspberry and lime.

There you have it TAG.
If any of you have any questions you'd like answered, ask away in my comments!
I promise to answer any and all questions.


At 4/11/10, 9:42 PM , OpenID daisyfae said...

enjoyed the questions AND the answers! gives whole new meaning to "TAG, You're It!"

At 4/11/10, 9:44 PM , Blogger TAG said...

Interesting answers. Well done.

Hope you can stand just one more query from me before your other readers jump in with more interesting questions.

Of the current Olympic sports. In which event would you be able to finish highest. (Not asking if you'll win mind you, just which will you do the best.)

Thanks for participating.


At 4/11/10, 9:50 PM , Blogger TAG said...


I was a bit disappointed Daisyfae didn't participate in the "Interview Me" post.

Oh well, into each life a bit of rain must fall.


At 4/11/10, 11:09 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Great answers to some hard questions.
I thought it would be easier to get things done if you abolished congress.

Damn, now I want Spicy Thai dark chocolate with raspberry and lime drizzled over big boobs and hard as candy nipples.

At 4/12/10, 7:21 AM , Blogger The Savage said...

You had me at Spicy Thai dark chocolate with raspberry and lime
Though it being Ben and Jerry's it would probably be called, Limey Dark Chocoberry Thai Spice....
I need to get gout the ol' icecream maker now....

At 4/12/10, 11:51 AM , Blogger Heff said...

That's the NASTIEST Ice Cream I've ever heard of !

At 4/12/10, 1:58 PM , Blogger Jimmy Bastard said...

I have a good question, have yis any idea where I've left the keys to the car please hen?

At 4/12/10, 4:51 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

Daisyfae: HA HA ... that it does!

TAG: Thanks for asking such interesting questions! :D
Now as to which Olympic sport. I'm assuming you mean Winter Olympic sport as that was what we all just watched.
I would have to say curling.
I know how to throw my 'stones' AND I can go "HARDER"! ;D

Walker: When don't you want big boobs with hard candy nipples?

Sav: It DOES sound delish does it not? I LOVE the combination of hot/sweet.

Heff: Have you ever had chocolate covered chilies? Don't knock it till you try it baby!

Jimmy doll: You gave me your keys to hold onto, so I put them in the safest place I know. I just wish they'd stop jabbing my breast.
Are we going somewhere then?!


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