June 7, 2012

Is June over yet?

I believe I have stated on here several times how much I DESPISE the month of June.
 Really ....

I lost Mom on June 1st and my brother on June 25th.
In between it's the end of the school year and the stress is just a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Today I found out that the Mother of my best friend since I was 7 died this morning.
She was a Mother to me and helped me when I was an unruly, wayward teenager.
She took me in when I was kicked out of my house.
She treated me like one of her own.

Godpseed Ellen!

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At 6/7/12, 12:21 PM , Blogger Heff said...

But....but.....but, June is Gianna Michaels birth month....

At 6/7/12, 6:47 PM , Blogger Walker said...

I am sorry for your lose and am sending my deepest condolences to your friend and her family.
June does seem to be haunting you and you family.
Should just call it the month of gloom instead of June.

At 6/7/12, 11:12 PM , Blogger PNW Gal said...

June isn't never a good one for me either; my Mother died in June as did the husband of my best friend. I try to balance it out with positive things.... but that's not always easy. I try to focus on the solstice... THAT'S a really good thing. xoxoox

At 6/8/12, 7:08 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

so sorry, ms. fyre... never easy to lose those who marked you. but it does seem that June is just piling on at this point...

At 6/8/12, 8:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

June Cleaver, June Bug, Benny and Joone. XO

At 6/8/12, 4:27 PM , Blogger Rafael said...


I'm sure there's something horribly inappropriate to say right now, but even my irreverent ass is gonna let it hang alone, all by it's lonesome.

Unfortunately, death is a part of life, but, in death also is new life. No one knows what happens when we die (no exit to that entrance), but regardless of beliefs (or lack there of), everyone seems to agree with the idea that energy never dies; it just goes someplace else. What is the basis of our soul, if not energy?

Your greatest gift to those you've lost is to celebrate their life, share your love and know they FEEL you, as you, in turn, FEEL them.

Blessings and a big ol' man HUG--



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