May 12, 2012

I am Mom .....

.... hear me bitch!

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there
Whether you're a "traditional" Mom, a step-Mom, a loving Aunt (Grandparent ,etc), A DAD or a Mom to our four-legged children, Moms are special.
And today I honor you .... ALL OF YOU!
(myself included! lol)

Happy Mothers Day!

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At 5/13/12, 12:09 AM , Blogger Walker said...

Happy Mother's Day.
I hope you have a good one.

At 5/13/12, 6:20 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

Speaking of "shitballs drunk"...

My youngest just dropped into town to take me out for late lunch. At the local Mexican hole-in-the-wall. Three "Bad Juans" later, we came home and played pool and talked shit. A damn fine Mothers day. i got what i wanted. Flowers, Candy, Cards would have been overkill.

Happy MD to you, my dear!

At 5/13/12, 9:59 PM , Blogger BamaTrav said...

Happy Mothers Day Scarlet, the south misses one of it's own.

At 5/14/12, 9:45 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you! You are awesome.


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