April 30, 2012


Serendipity was the winner of Haiku Monday last week, and as such, she gets to choose the theme, host and pick a new winner.
This weeks theme is Patterns ..... and I have gone in a couple different directions with this.
They may seem a bit 'outside the box' .... but they are still within the Pattern theme.
Well, to me they are.

I hope you go over and have a read ..... the entries are outstanding and the entrants extremely talented.


Defying Newton
South - North flows Niagara
End result? The Falls

Field of Dreams
Artwork from above
Circular phenomena
Alien? Man made?

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At 5/1/12, 7:18 AM , Blogger fishy said...

These are so fun, but Field of Dreams made me LOL!

At 5/1/12, 7:27 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

had a good chuckle at 'field'...

At 5/2/12, 2:59 AM , Blogger Walker said...

Oh for a barrel and a beer.
Or maybe a barrel of beer.


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