April 26, 2012

Back to life ....

.... back to reality.

Reality bites!

I'm back to work now ... which is good .... but I kinda got used to being home.
Getting up at 5am sucks ass.
I should just be grateful that I have a job to go back to.
While i've been out, the school district has done a major overhaul and has not only eliminated a shit ton of jobs, they also were able to get a proposition passed that will eliminate a shit ton more.
Today it was announced that after our Stupidvisor (he's a class 'A' douchebag) "retires", we will be using the services of a neighboring school districts Supervisor.
He will split his time between his district (super small) and ours (very large).
It should be interesting.
The inmates will be running the asylum!
Like I said, I should just be grateful I still have a job.
I am.

But i'm still concerned.
"They" want to cut special needs programs .... and I'm not sure how that will affect Little Man.
I'll just have to wait and see.
And hope.

I hate waiting.

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At 4/26/12, 10:50 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

Ugh. School districts everywhere are feeling the crunch... arts, music and sports are out in our district, along with busing for high school students, until the finances change and a levy is passed. good luck...

At 4/26/12, 11:15 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

I always love your tags. Sometimes the monkeys do a better job of running the Zoo. But I'm sorry about the cuts and REALLY hope it doesn't affect things your little guy. Welcome back to WORK! :-) xoxo

At 4/26/12, 9:07 PM , Blogger Walker said...

Taxes go up and service goes down.
Then they complain there isn't enough money so layoffs are needed.
Makes you wonder how in our parents time they got more out of less than they do now?
Maybe it's time for a social revolution where those in charge get forced to work under the conditions the people who are forced to live under their disisions.

At 4/27/12, 8:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm out of school.


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