March 18, 2012


I live in Buffalo, NY.
We're known for our snowy, cold winters (and chicken wings).
This year?
Um ..... not so much.
So you can imagine how odd it is for me to have 70+ degree temps in MARCH?
I almost feel like i'm back down in the south!
(almost .... I don't have monster bugs that'll carry my children away here)

Since I still can't do a whole lot of lifting, bending or pulling, I could only watch my neighbors get a HUGE jump on their yard work, planting, clean-up, etc.
What I could do though, was take a walk around my yard and see what all will need to be done.
(I do still have a 17 yo living here, might as well put him to good use!)

My yard needs help.
Lots of it.
The back fence needs to be replaced.
The pool is always a challenge to open, clean, etc.
The shed needs a new roof ... oops ... and a new door (damnit).
The concrete pad shifted .... and cracked.

Let's go to the side garden.
Oooooooo ........

My tulips are coming up!
I have some just about ready to BLOOM!
In March?
Unheard of!

I apologize for the crapiness of the picture, I only had my phone on me and I was enjoying the beauty of the day to come inside and get my real camera.

This made my day .... and makes my other projects not seem so overwhelming.
I hope y'all had a prettiful (my baby's word) weekend.

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At 3/18/12, 7:51 PM , Blogger morningstar said...

hey !!! i live in the Great White North - and it was 23 up here today - hell that is swimming weather!!

BUT don't rush the yard clean up or planting for heaven's sakes !! i have a feeling the winter isn't over yet - especially since the long range is predicting really cold temps again next week!!! and who knows Mother Nature has been known to pull an April Fool's joke every once in a while...

At 3/18/12, 9:32 PM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

it is March 18th, and i put 80 miles on my bicycle this past week. i don't live too far south of you! love seeing the blooms, and the buds on the trees! yay, spring!

At 3/19/12, 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did yard work Saturday afternoon. It's been warm here all winter. Weird.

At 3/19/12, 1:07 PM , Blogger Walker said...

I grow asphalt in my back garden, easy to maintain and in the front i grow rocks and more rocks which provides better drainage for the drunks walking home late at night.

At 3/19/12, 1:31 PM , Blogger Boxer said...

it snowed here on Saturday. Yup. It didn't stick, but it was cold and wet and..... a great excuse to stay inside. I'm glad you're enjoying your fabulous weather and put that list away and bring it back out in.... May? June?

At 3/22/12, 1:53 AM , Blogger tattytiara said...

It is an insane year. We're usually shoveling up big, heavy, wet snow dumps this time of year, and my neighbors are out with rakes. Bizarre!


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