May 12, 2013

For my Mom ....

You are my mother, part of your flesh, born from your soul.
Somehow our characters blended,
your wisdom and my will.
I turned, and you were there for me;
I spoke, you understood.
I felt cared for, but also free.
You loved, and it was good.
I am fortunate that I was born
to someone just like you. 
I love you still.
Though you are gone,
you live in what I do. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

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At 5/12/13, 9:14 AM , Anonymous daisyfae said...

Happy Mother's Day, lovely ms. fyre! xoxo

At 5/12/13, 11:06 AM , Blogger Rafael said...


Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful woman.


Hugs from my warm bossom! (Uhm...ya know, if I had such)


At 5/13/13, 8:10 PM , Blogger Walker said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day :)

At 5/18/13, 2:33 PM , Blogger Chef Files said...

Very touching hen. x


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