August 31, 2005

MY turn in the 'Limelight'

Straight from Lyvvie, I give you the 7's in my life .....


things that are in my frig right now...
  1. Bleu Cheese. NO ONE in this household can live without the stuff! I should own stock in "Lighthouse, Inc."
  2. Milk.
  3. Eggs.
  4. Chocolate Syrup.
  5. Pot Roast
  6. Ham
  7. Taco shells (soft)

television programs that are on my 'Now Playing List' on my TiVo...

We don't have TiVo, and probably never will. But, we do have some programs that are watched fairly regularly ....
  1. Sportscenter
  2. Baseball games
  3. Football games
  4. Teen Titans (what is it about that damn cartoon?!)
  5. Roseanne reruns
  6. Grace Under Fire reruns
  7. Paula's Home Cooking (no, I DO NOT like to cook, but I LOVE Paula!)
things I have never done, and may never do...
  1. Scuba Diving. Not that I don't want to, but I do have a semi irrational fear of the ocean, and I refuse to go into the lakes down here. I am NOT Gator or Shark bait damnit!
  2. Been arrested or spent a night in Jail. I've just been REAL lucky .....
  3. Hiked Mt. Everest. It's too damn cold anyway.
  4. Bull riding. People who willingly climb onto the back of a VERY pissed off bull to ride it, are a 'special' breed of people. Much respect, but they're CRAZEEEE!!!!
  5. Parachuting/sky diving. Again, I want to do this, but have not had an opportunity to. Yet.
  6. Plastic Surgery. I've thought about getting a 'boob lift', but I saw how they do it and that was it for me. I am NOT having my nipples cut off thankyou very much!
  7. Swimming the English Channel. Too damn cold!!!!!!

of the items in my big lingerie trunk...
  1. Black leatherette and grommet bra w/matching thong
  2. Black fishnets
  3. My FAVORITE red, lacy bra
  4. Pleasure Balm by Kama Sutra in Raspberry Kiss & Mint
  5. Various KY Jelly products
  6. Sheer ivory baby doll from Victorias Secrets
  7. My friend ..... BOB. *wink*

things I should be doing right now, instead of wasting time on the computer...
  1. packing
  2. dishes
  3. vacuuming (lol)
  4. making more coffee
  5. showering
  6. making the bed
  7. changing Poot's diaper (2 more mins won't kill 'em!)

Folk whom I hope will answer their very own Sevens of their choosing...
  1. FunkyBee
  2. QoP
  3. Brisen
  4. Rachael
  5. Chick (with less Dick)
  6. Spexial
  7. Lisa (Bored Housefrau)


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