September 23, 2005

And how will you be paying for this??????

30% of the United States oil refineries have been shut down thanks to Mother Nature.

So I guess now we can expect gas and oil prices to rise to the astronomical fuck-ton ridiculous level. Far surpassing the current astronimcal Shit-ton ridiculous level.
Fanfuckingtabulous. (I'm glad I have 2 kids to sell instead of just one ... sheesh!)

Anywho, I hope these at least make you giggle a bit as you wait in line to fill your beasts for the paltry sum of $2.73/gallon (National average).
However, if some of you are up for a road trip, may I suggest a leisurely drive to Edmond, OK??? The price is $1.96/gallon. Lucky bastards ....


Happy Friday, fukkers!


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