September 1, 2005

Chaos & Anarchy ....

Motherfuckingcocksuckingsonofabitch ....

Yes boys & girls, I have now just returned from filling up the ve-hickle. If I have to drive the merry midget to school, The Bitch (my pretty Pony) needs gas-o-line!

Do you see the motherhumping time stamp?????? 10 fucking 20am!!!!!!
It took me over an HOUR to get 9 gallons of gas. I needed to go to Wally World, but after the gas station, I couldn't handle any more fucktards.
Today is one of those days that someone should thank their lucky fucking stars, pray to whatever God they choose, rub their gotdamn rabbits foot .... whatever ..... that I DO NOT CARRY A GUN!!!!!
Stupid people piss me off to begin with, but make them stupid AND hysterical????

Ahhhh .... i'm home again. Tucked safely inside, away from assholes who tell me to 'get your ass in gear lady!!!!'
Yes, there was a brave soul who actually muttered THOSE words to THIS lil' red-headed gal.
How dare he make remarks about MY ASS!!!!
Ok you knuckle-dragging waste of perfectly good flesh, LET'S PLAY .......
I should be happy to report that he's alive, no vital organs destroyed (i.e. twig-n-berries(if he even HAS any) still in tact), and me NOT arrested on my way to 33rd street (local jail).
He DID get a VERY pissed off redhead in his face, and a rather loud verbal beating .... and oh yes, his manhood WAS called into question.
Don't mess with me twinkle dick, I have brains and a mouth, and I know how to use them!!!!


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