September 1, 2005

Help for those who need it ....

Just a quick update. I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but as of now, our
diesel supply is being re-routed to the Gulfcoast (as it should be).
What that means for us here is that my son's school bus service is being cut off as of next week. We also have some gas staions shut down due to lack of fuel.
Fill your tanks, maybe keep a 5gal can full if you can. Above all, be safe.

8:45am Blazngfyre


*Due to recent events, I am not participating in HNT this week*

Like most of y'all, I have been glued to the television and the internet watching, reading and generally overloading my brain with Katrina footage.
But I can't turn it off. Not the television, not the internet, not my brain.
Part of me feels guilty that I went through 3 of these fuckers last year and had no damage.
I mean NONE. Yes, we lost power, and it was hot and inconvenient, but I still have my
same roof over my head. I know we were lucky, and extremely lucky at that.
There have been whole towns wiped off the map! Where are these people going to live?
My thoughts are all over the place .....

I haven't heard yet whether or not i'm headed that way, and honestly, until they can get some of the debris removed, i'm going nowhere. However, knowing what I do from the work I did last year, I encourage any and all who were displaced or affected in some way, if you have ANY damage, or suspect any damage, register with FEMA Immediately!

1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or www.fema.gov/register.shtm

If any of y'all KNOW anyone who was affected, give them the information if you can. Thanks!
I know this post is kinda all over the place, and I apologize for that.


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