September 21, 2005

I fix broken hearts ...

..... baby i'm your handy-man.

Yes, that line was used on me.
Yes, I fell for it.

Sort of.

I didn't 'fall' as in hopelessly, helplessly, head-over-ass in love.
But I fell nonetheless.

It put a smile on my face and made me laugh.
Still does.

Handy-man is married. I knew that when I met him. Now, as a general rule, I do not chase after married men. In truth, I generally run the other way. But, attitudes and circumstances have a way of changing. Suddenly, something you know in your heart is 'wrong' becomes right.
I should say that Handy-man and I were friends long before we became lovers. We met fairly regularly for coffee and conversation, and despite our age difference (he was 15 years older), we had quite a bit in common.
Being with him was easy. He had that way about him that made anyone who came into contact with him feel completely at ease. He's a ginormous flirt, completely shameless if truth be told.
But, he still made me feel like I was the only woman he wanted. Ever.
I knew better of course, but it still felt nice.
One night, after our coffee, he asked me what I thought about being a 'friends with benefits' and having an affair with him. I was honest. I told him I had never given it any thought. He was married, and I didn't have affairs with married men. It just wasn't something I had ever done, or been interested in doing.
Undaunted, he asked me to think about it.

So, I thought about it.
He wanted a 'friend w/benefits', and I didn't want the complication or the hassle of a relationship. The offer of sex only was just what I needed.
Besides, do you honestly think a horny bitch such as myself would turn down such an offer????
I jumped on it. Literally.
A few days later, Handy-man is sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee and chatting normally, as if our previous conversation had never taken place.

Coffee was not the only thing we were to share that night.

It was the beginning of an on-again, off-again affair that lasted 2 years.
I knew from the start what I was getting myself into and had no illusions otherwise.
I never once had any intention, or desire for more than what we were.
He was my best friend. I told him everything, and he me. We accepted eachother, and we enjoyed our time together.
We even loved eachother.
When it was done, we walked away as friends.

We still are ....


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