September 12, 2005

Chaos & Anarchy ....

Anyone wanna help unpack boxes?????

That's what I thought .......... (fukkers)

We're in the 'new' place. Cleaned my ASS off in the old place, and now my body's getting the last laugh by stiffening up (there's a dirty joke in there).
I may think I'm still a young, hot chik, but the body is telling me that I am nothing more than an old, tired, broke down hen.
Not even good enough for eatin' (another dirty joke). Meats too tough.
Getting old sucks elephant balls.
I don't recommend it at ALL .....

Anyway, missed y'all ......
didja miss me???????

Oh yeah, if you're trying to think of the perfect housewarming gift for us (ME), send rum.
Lot's of it.
Thanks bunches! *smooches*


At 11/3/05, 8:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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