December 13, 2005

4 stores and $250+ later ......

..... and the best thing I purchased today was a box of Holiday Cake Rolls.
Same things as Swiss Cake Rolls (HoHo's), 'cept the filling is CHERRY.
I think I had an orgasm in the parking lot. I think I may have another one just thinking about them.
Oh yes, that skinny blond bitch, Little Debbie, has made another lard infested, sugary treat that I crave, endlessly.
I can feel my ass expanding just writing about them!!! *sigh*

Why did I buy the little temptresses tasty treats???
Because I thought that getting a burger from McDogFoods would be worse;
for me, AND my ass.

Fuck no.
Fuck YES!

I'm so easy.
Sometimes (as evidenced by today's purchases) cheap too.
Wanna make me smile and load heaps and heaps of love on you????????
Spend $1 and get me Little Debbie Holiday Cake Rolls.


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