December 8, 2005

Hoofin' it ..... HNT style!

It's Thursday boys-n-girls .... you know what that means?????

Time for the fine folk of blogville to get nekkid!!!
I know, y'all haven't had the pleasure of my fine nekkidness, and I'm sure y'all have missed me.
I mean, h
ow could you not??????

Anywho .... I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.
I bought a purty new dress.
What's a new dress without new shoes????????
Can't have THAT!

Here's my purty new shoes with my purty new dress as the backdrop:

Now, can you keep a secret?????????
I bought the dress, the shoes, and a 'wrap' ALL on clearance.
I ROCK!!!!!
Yep, I do.
I'll have 1/2 nekkid pics of the dress next week.

Till then, worship my lovely shoes (I do!), and go check out more Nekkidness.


At 12/8/05, 1:24 PM , Blogger AndyT13 said...

Oooh! I get to pop your comment cherry! :-) Nice shoes, wanna....have a happy HNT!

At 12/8/05, 8:01 PM , Blogger FunkyB said...

You savy shopper, you! HHNT.


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