January 31, 2006

I'm stunned ...

Thank you all so much for actually reading my PMS induced rant Friday.
It made me feel all googly-moogly.
It did.
I'm feeling much better today.
Still haven't been visited by that evil bitch Flo,
but at least the PMS demons have been exorcised from
my body.

Anywho, does it make anyone else feel good when you receive EXTRA special customer service??
NO, i'm not talking about THAT kind of "extra special" customer service either, pervs!
I needed to mail a few things out today, and because i'm too damn lazy to drive to the other side of my tiny-ass, podunk town to go to the US Post Office,
I use the "mailboxes" place across the street.

The gentleman who owns it is a real nice guy who offered me a job.
Unfortunately, I was about to give birth, so the timing just wasn't right.
Anywho .....
I hand over my stuff to get weighed and priced, he tells me how much it is, and when I retrieve my money from my wallet, I am $1 short.
Normally, I would just put in on my debit card, BUTT ... unless I spend over $10, I can't use my card.
The very nice man who owns the place tells me it's no big deal, and that he'll pay the difference.
I thank him profusely, and even offer to run back home, get another $1 and come back.
He tells me no.
He just wants me to continue using his services, and tell others.
Now, it may not seem like a big deal to y'all, but it made me feel all happy and smiley.
The fine art of customer service and customer care is falling by the wayside far too often anymore, and it makes me happy when I DO receive good treatment, and oh so grateful for it.
It (almost) makes up for the other 99.9% of the time when people are just rude shits.

So, thank you Mr. Mailboxes man .... for at least a few hours, hell maybe even for today, you have renewed my faith that NOT everyone is an asshole who is only concerned about himself and his bottom line.

Ain't it sweet?


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