January 17, 2006

So, you think you know me?

Stolen from several people, who swiped it from someone else, who swiped it from ...

Anyway, let's have a little fun, eh?!
How well do you think you really know me?
Here's what you do: Pick ONE from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments.
I will post the answers to my personality tomorrow, or maybe even later today if I feel up to it.

Now, on with the fun.....

* dominant or submissive ~ both (situationally)
* logical or intuitive ~intuitive
* social or loner ~ loner
* kinky or vanilla ~ kinky
* cute or sophisticated ~ sophisticated
* kitten or puppy ~ both
* warm flannel sheets or sleek satin ~ both
* leader or follower ~ leader
* quiet or talkative ~ quiet
* spontaneous or planned ~ planned spontaneity (lol)
* football or chess ~ football
* hiking or golfing ~ hiking
* tequila or vodka ~ vodka (I have thrown back many a 'tokillya' in my day though, AND the worm)
* top or bottom ~ both (and then some!)
* barefoot or shoes ~ barefoot
* jeans or Dockers ~ jeans
* tender or rough ~ both
* aware or dreamy ~ both
* nerd or geek ~ neither*

(*Dictionary.com definition of Geek:
A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts.
Do bizarre sex acts count?????
If so, then I am a GEEK!!!!!!)


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