December 27, 2005

Harleys & Choppers

"I believe that good can come
from even the direst of circumstances.
How we find this good, and use it to better
ourselves, is the true judge of our character."
~ Lance J. Kohn, II

As y'all can see, The Boy got a Chopper Bicycle for Christmas.
When I looked at this picture, all I could see was the resemblance he bears to my
brother Lance.
Lance was (IS) The Boy's idol.
My son thought he walked on water.
He wants to be just like him.
Well son, from what I see, you are well on your way.

Somewhere, Lance has that shit eatin' grin on his face, and he is beaming with pride.
And THAT is truly,* a shining thing.

*(C) 2004/2005 Buffalo. Used with permission.


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