January 13, 2006

Pass the tissues, will ya????

Mother Nature has entered menopause.
Why do I say that?
Cause she keeps turning the thermostat up,
then turning it back down.
One day it's 40something,
Next day it's 80something.

Fuck off BITCH!

Everyone here is sick.
Not just a few sniffles either,
We're talking SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!
The only one who isn't ready to choke on a phlegm ball is The Boy.
He's a 10 yr old boy; no self respecting germ will live on him.
The rest of us?
We're a big bunch of achy, snotty, pukey, crab-asses.
We are.
I should be happy that we're all sick at once, and won't pass it back and forth,
but honestly?
THIS SUCKS ELEPHANT BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big, wrinkled, nasty, stank elephant balls.
It does.

On a completely unrelated note, how do you feel about walking into your bathroom to find:
A. Power tools on the counter
B. Unflushed shit in the toilet
I know who the culprit is for A, but NO ONE is fessing up to B.
(A) I can deal with. A bit kinky, but livable.
(B) is just R-O-N-G RONG!!!!

I'm a miserable bitch.

Happy Fucking Friday the 13th, FREAKS!!!!


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