July 5, 2007

The aftermath ....

Except for the rain most of the day, we had a nice holiday.

We ate.
and ate
and ate.

There was a disgusting amount of food consumed in my house yesterday.
Mostly by me.

I started our day off with blueberry pancakes.
Grilled steaks.
Ambrosia salad
Lemon garlic shrimp w/wild rice
Potato salad
Blueberry pie

The rain DID let up in the early evening, so we all went outside
to blow up shit.
Not really.
I bought kid-friendly fireworks that are real pretty.
(think Oooooohhhhhh and Ahhhhhhhh)
And Sparklers.
They were always my favorite as a kid, and I still love them.

Today I'm not feeling so well.
Too much food & drink.

There you have it, another lil' slice of my oh-so-exciting life.
Christ, I should write a book or some shit.

Enjoy .....


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