July 3, 2007

Let's try this again, shall we?

I was going to re-write my post from yesterday and post it ....
But it sucked.
Fuck it.

It was just a boring ass recap of my stellar weekend.
A weekend that started off with a cooking rat, and ended in a handful of
soggy toddler shit.
Doesn't THAT sound exciting?
Really, it's not.
Long story short:
Cut out of work early on Friday and took Boy Genius to see "Ratatouille".
Which, in case you're wondering, was excellent!
Serioulsy, go see it.

Saturday found me taking Boy Genius to the free shot clinic (lol ... I always imagined he'd
be older before I had to take him to a "free clinic") for his 7th grade tetanus booster.
This back-assward state requires it.

On Sunday, I had the brilliant idea of taking the boys to the lake for a splash,
Poot took a healthy crap in his swimper, took him into the bathroom to change,
when I pulled his bathing suit off of the swimper, I ended up with a handful of shit that was now the consistency of soup (thank you Lake water!) oozing from the top of the swimper.
Now, wasn't THAT worth the wait?!
Hilarity abounds in MY world.

Now Blogger, if you decide to "eat" this post, I will delete my blog from you and go use WordPress, or some other shit.

On a happier note, I hope all my Canuckian friends had a FABULOUS & safe Canada Day.

Me? I'm getting ready for the 4th, and the opening of "Transformers" (yes ... I am taking Boy Genius) by buying the biggest bottle of Blueberry Vodka I can find.
I have it on good authority that the stuff rawks .

Now, being the crab-ass bitch I am, I must say that a holiday in the middle of the week
sucks sweaty rhino balls.

Or maybe it's not so bad, and only sucks squirrel balls.

What the fuck ever.

Blue Martinis are calling my name ....


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