July 18, 2007

Dog days of .... school shopping?

4 weeks, 4 days.
That's how much time Boy genius has of freedom.

If you ask me, that is FAR too much time.
The good news is, since they're going back to school almost
2 weeks later, they get to STAY IN 2 weeks later.

However, the stores around here are already in full
"Back-to-school" mode, and have already sold out of most of their
I like being prepared as much as the next kick-ass Mombot,
But an entire month??
I think not.
Can you say OVERKILL?????

On top of all the supplies my Super Genius will need for the 7th grade,
I need to purchase an entire new wardrobe for the pre-pubescent
Oh yeah, puberty is descending upon him.
Little shit bird is as tall as I am (which isn't really saying much ... i'm only 5'3"),
but he's finally starting to put some weight on and fill out a bit.
For the past 7 or so years, he has looked like a scrawny bird.
With big ass feet.
He wears a mens size 10.
His sneakers look like BoBo (clown) shoes on his scrawny frame.

The only thing i'm thankful for is that my child will wear whatever I get for him.
He's so NOT a clothes whoring diva.

A ways back, I wrote a post about having to take Boy Genius to the free clinic for shots
so that he CAN enter the 7th grade.
What I neglected to mention in that post was the joy of not getting the required form
for school as I couldn't find Boy Geniuses shot records.
Like I have time to wade through unpacked boxes of shit that have now been
moved 3 times in 5 years.
Who the fuck do they think I am, his Mother?
Oh yeah ... I am.
Find the shot reacords in, of all places, MY underwear drawer, underneath a pair of yellow silk & lace knickers (I hate the word "panties").
So glad I didn't try and make HIM find them.
I've already given him more
than enough therapy material.
Anywho, fax over copies of his records to the clinic, they tell me I can come pick up the form "anytime".
MY "anytime" and THEIR "anytime" are not even CLOSE
to being alike.
In my mind, I should be able to run in, give them his name and get my form.
But in their mind, I need (HAVE) to fill out 5 more forms, give them a copy of his
records, and prove who the fuck I am.
Then "take a seat" and wait.
And wait.
And wait

35 minutes later, I have my form.
I am so making a copy of this bad boy for MY records.
Maybe i'll even file them where they belong (NOT in my underwear drawer)

So, how's YOUR day going?????


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