July 11, 2007

Blog Naked .....

Or work naked.
Whatever floats your boat.

I am blogging.
I am working.
I am NOT naked.
I want to be.

Not just because I prefer to be naked, no, I have far greater issues at hand.
It's working in this fucking Easy-bake oven that's getting to me.

See, the company I work for (run) built a tiny-ass office inside a metal warehouse.
Said metal warehouse sits in direct sunlight ALL FUCKING DAY.
No trees.
Inside this tiny-ass office is a way cute window unit air conditioner that is:
A. Too small
B. On it's last legs
I also have a standing oscillating fan.
It distributes the hot air around nicely.
I also have:
two (2) computers
two (2) external backups
various networking equipment
two (2) printers
Fax/Copier machine
Water cooler
and various other equipment

What do all these particular items have in common?
They run on electricity.
Therefore, they need to be plugged in.
Which, in turn, creates more HEAT than already exists.
I also have fluorescent lights (more heat), that at the moment,
are turned fucking OFF.
Not that it makes much of a difference,
but humore me, k?
Great. Thanks for playing along.
I am sweating my balls off people.
(Yes, I have balls .... they just crawled up inside like 38 years ago)

On my way into work today, I stopped by my friendly dollar store and
purchased an indoor/outdoor thermometer.
I calibrated it, and within minutes, my hand-dandy thermometer
was telling me that my office was already 86f degrees (30c).
It was only 7am.
It is now 12:30, and the temp in my office is 92f (36c).
We haven't even reached the "hot" part of the day.

So excuse me for being anything other than my usual good natured, charming self.

Ok, y'all can shut the fuck up now.
Think I can't hear you laughing yourself silly?
I can you know!


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