October 11, 2007

Another day ......

After another exhausting day of listening to my fucktarded boss whine about how I'm kicking his ass in the football pool, I came home and checked my email to find this gem:

"We appreciate your interest in Gaylord Entertainment Company. You recently applied for the Admin Assistant II (24546) position with Gaylord Entertainment Company. We have decided to not fill this position at this time.
Please consider future employment opportunities with Gaylord Entertainment by continuing to visit our web site at:

If your email software does not support web links (i.e. clicking on the web-address does not take you directly to the Gaylord Entertainment Company Career Center), copy the above web-address into the "Address" or "Location" bar of your Internet web-browser in order to access the Career Center.

We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with Gaylord Entertainment Company.

Gaylord Entertainment Recruiting Center
Gaylord Entertainment Company"

What's worse?
There were FOUR more just like it in there as well.

The job search is becoming increasingly more frustrating, and my current situation is sinking further and further into the toilet.
Honestly, why the business is still open is beyond me.
It's dying a slow and quite painful death, and no matter what I do, I can't stop it.
My boss has no fucking clue, has me doing things that are totally NOT in my scope of work, and with far less time to accomplish it all.

Yeah .....
Good times.

I've been given an award!
Someone thinks i'm funny and that I make them smile.
That makes ME happy!
I enjoy making people laugh and be happy.
Of course, I think she might be a bit cuckoo for cocoa puffs to think that I'M funny, but hey, i'll take it!
I'll post my award and do all the other shit tomorrow.
I'm too lazy (or so i've been told lately .... you know who YOU are! lol) to post about it today.
Besides, it'll give me something more to write about!

Anywho ..... thank you so very much.


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