December 10, 2007


Holy shit!
It's December 10th already?!

Jaysus ......

Did everyone have a good weekend?
Apparently I did.
I went to my first ever Holiday Blog Party.
At some point I flashed my boobs (nothing new there), but I have somehow become the proud owner of a leopard print bra that I KNOW doesn't belong to me.

A. It's too small
B. I don't "do" animal prints
If this bra belongs to you, please .... take it.
(I'm sorry for stretching it out.)

Moving along.

I'd like to personally thank AB for hosting such a lovely party.
I'd also like to apologize to anyone, including our lovely hostess, who may have been offended by my display of boobage.
Or anything else that may or may NOT have occurred during the last 72 (??) hours.

Moving along.

I know that the following pic has NOTHING to do with Christmas, or parties, or boobs, or ...
pretty much anything.
I like it.
It's funny.
And it made me laugh.
Oh, and it's free.

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At 12/12/07, 2:47 PM , Blogger Mr. DNA said...

Free stuff is always good. You know, cuz it's free, and stuff.


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