October 29, 2007

Every now and again ....

..... even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

In this case, the blind squirrel would be me, although some would argue that I am the nut, and I can't say that i'd argue the point.
But for this story, I AM the squirrel, just maybe not so blind.
The customers would be blind in this scenario.
What the fuck am I talking about????

I have a second job.
Well, i've had this second job for over a year now, but I don't work it so much.
My second job is a "Concession hostess" at the County Exhibition Hall and Arena.
It holds all kind of events from bull riding to jewelry shows to monster trucks, concerts and even indoor football and hockey.
As a "concession hostess", I usually work as a cashier selling (way over priced) food items and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to the general public.
I generally enjoy this job as it reminds me how (fucking idiotic) "fun" it can be to work with people.
In my "normal" job, I (used to) work alone.
Anyway .... I digress.
This weekend was the "Great Outdoor Days and Monster Truck Show".
I was working outside on the Beer truck. I was pretty damn stoked!
I LOVE working the beer truck! One word baby ....... TIPS!!!!!!!
Besides, it let's me get my "flirt" on in a harmless way.
What I didn't know was that this particular truck was located nowhere near the outdoor stage, OR the food, OR the Monster Trucks, OR ANYTHING that resembled "fun"! The brilliant minds that be decided to shove this truck on the very back row in a corner!
Jack asses .....

I did a whopping $785.00 in sales.
I'm used to selling that much in 4 hours, but for 2 days worth????
It was beyond dead.
The only thing that WAS good was that I listened to some really kick-ass music.
Atlanta Rhythm Section, Georgia Satellites and a few local bands that weren't too bad.
Oh yeah, and I managed to rack in almost $30 in tips on Sunday alone.
(That's where the people are blind)
I lost my point.
All I know is that those poor people must have been pretty damn desperate to find their way back to me for beer AND then to be so generous with the tips to a not-quite 40 year old redhead with white streaks at the temples, wrinkles on my face, and a few (quite a few) extra pounds padding my "voluptuous" frame.

Maybe they thought I had dressed as a witch for Halloween.


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