October 12, 2007


Happy Friday my fellow bloggers!
I know i'm supposed to post my "Make me Smile" award, and pass it along to other, more deserving friends, butt ....
Not today.

Today I want to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which of course, is October.
I am going PINK for the rest of the month.
I do it to honor a very special woman I know .... my sister-in-law.

My SIL was diagnosed over 2 years ago. She was fortunate that they caught in in time and she "only" had to endure a lumpectomy and radiation. I say "only" like i'm talking about the removal of a hangnail, but y'all understand what I mean.
My SIL is my hero, and my inspiration.
She has managed to work full time, raise my GORGEOUS nieces and nephew and do the "Taxi-Mom" thing all while she battled this evil called cancer.
She did it with grace, dignity and A LOT of (wicked) humor!
I love you sis .... with all my heart.
You're amazing, and YOU INSPIRE ME to be a better person.

So far, she has received a clean bill of health.
She's cancer free, and that's how we want to keep her!

I know there are many others who are battling this horrifying disease, and by that, I mean cancer. Not JUST breast cancer, but ANY CANCER.
I honor ALL all you, and I wish you much love, happiness and health in your fight.



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