November 28, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

I need a change.

I'm in a massive rut, and I can't seem to find a way out.
I have to face the reality that I'm getting old, and my lovely crown of curly locks just
ain't working for me anymore.
I think it's time to lop it off.
I see more and more gray in it everyday.
Besides, if I ever have the hope of obtaining a new job,
the wild woman hair needs to go.
No one wants to see that in the workplace.
Hell, I own it and even I don't want to look at it anymore!

I may even change the color.
My natural Auburn is making me look old.
I need something lighter and brighter.

I'm sure I need to make other changes as well ..... but I just can't seem to find the motivation.
Apathy sucks balls.

I need to change that.
But not today.


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