November 23, 2007

Update & shit

It's been 10 days since my last post????

Jesus but I'm a lazy-ass slacker aren't I?!

Anywho, let me play a bit of catch up first, k?
First off, to all my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving ...... LATE.
(seems to be my 'thing' lately, eh?! Oh well ..... I suck)
Still no news on the job front, both boys have had pink-eye, and I have been
fighting some sort of wacky-ass sinus infection/flu.
Trying to get Thanksgiving dinner together while wanting to puke
is an experience I think EVERYONE should try ........ NOT!
My SIL in NY is home from the hospital now and is doing much better now.
Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.
My SIL here in the grand state of FL had knee surgery the day before turkey day for a torn MCL, but she is home and feeling pretty good.

Now, for the "big news" ..... on this day, 40 + years ago (I'll be nice and NOT say how old you are honey), my partner, The Common Law was born.


Now, I didn't have time to actually go a buy you a present.
Butt I DID find something that I think you'll like ........

oh, and THIS .......

I KNOW how you adore Jessicas bodacious booty!

Just wipe the drool off the keyboard.


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