November 13, 2007

Death to the Little Man .....

It's official.
My oh-so-quaint small town has been invaded.

No, no ... Wal-Mart has been here for awhile.
And Home Depot.
Oh yes, Staples DID just open a new store, but we NEEDED that.
No, i'm talking about the "other" Aliens ......

The phenom from Seattle ...... Starbucks.

It is a sad day.
I'm too old to learn a new language.
Besides, i'm not sure how many of our farmers can either.
They want coffee ..... not a Grande *MochaChinoRedChaiHalfCafLatte.
(Is that even something you can order?????)
Are they fucking kidding me?
The fine folks here are farmers and cowpokes .....
they want COFFFEE !!!!!!!!
Fully caffeinated, black and HOT.
They don't want some Vanilla Hazelnut syruppy shit chrissakes!
Maybe a touch of sugar and a wee bit of cream thankyouverymuch!

I do find it amusing that the StarYucks is located catty-corner from a Tractor Supply Store and a John Deere dealer.
Apparently, no one ever explained the first rule of real estate ......
I can't wait to see how the good 'ol boys like their frozen frappuchinos.

I think the cows will dig them.
I hear that if you drink enough of that crappachino, you'll never be bound up again.

*BTW/I want to know who the rocket surgeon is who came up with a Red Chai Latte!
Chai is TEA .....
Latte is COFFEE .....
You can't mix the two!
WTF would THAT be ..... Toffee?!


At 11/15/07, 5:40 PM , Blogger littleone said...

ughhhh your leave a comment was hiding on me........ but i am nothing if not persistent.. LOL

Starbucks has been here for ages.. right around the corner from the condo.... first time i went in i looked like the damn alien.. starring at the "menu" and starring and starring..

The only damn thing i will drink there now is frozen frappuchion.. mocha flavour .. and only in the heat of the summer......

my sympathies to you and your farmer neighbours...

morningstar (owned by Warren)


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