January 25, 2009

ASSets ....

Hello blogland! It's Saturday night (Sunday now .... whatthefuckever), and I an drunk ...
Fuck .... y'all are gonna think i'm a raging drunk.
Im really not.
I hardly ever drink anymore.
But i've had several social functions to attend to this month, and consequently,
I have now drunk (drank?) too much.

So here I sit, blogging while drunk.
OH! I have pictures tonight too!
No tits this week.
Only ass.

Well, I tried to set them up so they would make some sense .... but I can;t .... fucking vodka is kicking my ass (the large one covered in brown satin on the right in the pic)right now and i can't concentrate long enough to fix the bitch.
Deal with it.

Class should be fun tomorrow.
oh wait .... today.


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