January 31, 2009

Baggage .....

We all have some.
Some more than others.

I want to drop my baggage for awhile.
I'm sick of lugging it around.
Especially the really old shit.
The stuff that's torn at the corners ...
weathered, beaten, old.

There's not much I can do about the newer stuff.
Just have to let it age and then it too can be stored away.

Don't misunderstand, my baggage, old & new, is a very large part of who I have become.
Do I like it all?
Um ...... NO.
But it still belongs to me.
It's just now horribly out of fashion and totally mismatched.

So, I have built a place for my baggage.
A place to store it all.
A place safe from the elements.
It's time for it to be stored away.

Not gotten rid of .....


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