January 25, 2009


“Someone had better be dead! “ Tara hissed as she scrambled to throw her silky pajamas on and race down the stairs. Whoever was at her door at 2:15 am was either awfully impatient or passed out on the doorbell. If someone isn’t dead, someone soon will be she thought to herself. As she opened the door, she saw his face and started to ask him what he was doing here, but the words were lost on her lips. He scooped her into his arms and swooped down to capture her mouth in a crushing kiss.
She tried to protest, but the force of his kiss was too strong, soon she was melting into his arms and kissing him back with the same ferocity. He carried her back into the house and laid her down on the couch. His mouth never left hers as his hands slid down her back to cup her ass. He pulled her into him and she could feel his hard cock pressing against the thin fabric of her silk sleep pants. Tara unlocked her fingers from his hair and started to caress his chest as she made her way down to his jeans. She wanted to free his cock from the restraining fabric of his jeans. She needed to feel his cock. He grabbed her hands and forced them back up over her head. He held them there with one hand as he grabbed a tit with the other. He pinched her nipple hard and she let out a loud moan. He moved his mouth from hers and took her silk covered nipple into his mouth. He was sucking and licking the nipple as he squeezed her tit hard. She was writhing underneath him as she was trying to grind her pussy up into his cock. He moved back just enough so that she couldn’t. Tara tried to move down and get to his cock again, but he bit down on her nipple causing her to suck in her breath sharply. He let go of her hands as he slid down her body. He stopped right at the top of her mound and hovered over her to breath in her scent. He started nuzzling the top of her pussy and soon her silk pants were soaked with her juices. She could feel his tongue licking her pussy lips and teasing her clit through the silk and she wanted nothing more than to be rid of her pants and feel his hot mouth on her. She started to raise her hips to remove her pants, but he forced her back down on the couch and buried his face into her cunt and began licking and sucking her clit through the silk pants. The sensation was almost more than she could stand. She felt her desire rising up from her toes and knew that her orgasm would be soon. She was grinding her pussy into his face as the first wave came crashing over her. She raised her hips off the couch and he grabbed her hard and forced her back down. His mouth never leaving her pussy. He was licking and sucking furiously as her body went into spasms from her orgasm. Her legs were shaking and her body began to convulse. As she was riding out her orgasm, he slid her pants off. When she was starting to come back down, he once again took her clit into his mouth and began sucking. The feel of his tongue and lips on her skin caused another orgasm to well up and within minutes she was once again being sent over the edge into another body shaking orgasm. He continued to hold her hips as his mouth, tongue and lips kept assaulting her cunt. Her clit was so swollen and sensitive that even his breath caused her to shiver. Tara didn’t know how long he held her down, or how many orgasms she had, all she knew was that every nerve in her body was alive and on fire. After what seemed like forever, he let go of her hips and moved off of her. She tried to move but couldn’t, she tried to say something to him, but her voice was gone. She was spent. He lifted her off the couch and carried her into bed where he finished stripping her and then himself. He slid into bed behind her and enveloped her in his arms. She drifted back to sleep with feel of his breath on her cheek and his hands stroking her hair.
He was awakened by the soft, gentle stroke of her hand on his cock. As he rolled over to look at her, she kissed him softly. With a devilish smile she looked into his eyes and whispered, “my turn”.


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