March 31, 2009

Lil Man, II

So .... I went to the meeting on Thursday and I walked into a room where there were 10
people already sitting.
Waiting for me.
All women.
Fuck .... this REALLY isn't going to go well.

I sit down, everyone introduces themselves and I to them.
On my left is the one evaluator from Heritage that spent time with Lil Man.
She starts by saying that she will go over each individual report and give a brief synopsis.
I ask if I can interject with any pertinent information as I noticed in all the reports
that some information that I had specifically given to ALL of the evaluators was
conspicuously missing.
Oh yeah bitch, I am going to burn you where you sit.
The woman from the County cocked an eyebrow and asked, "what kind of information?".
So, I looked at her and told her about how my son, who according to Heritage has the
mentality of a 2 year old can turn on the computer, open a browser, get to a website AND search for information.
By himself.
I then proceeded to talk to her about how he was in a room with five evaluators, all asking him different things and that I personally didn't think that was a very effective way of evaluating not just my son, but any child.
Oh yeah .... I came with a game plan sister.
I know you want him in your program for more federal aid money.
Which is why she also recommended him go to a full day program.
With intense one-on-one sessions.
Speech and PT 3 times per week ....
OT as well
Psychological counseling 2 times.

Try again lady.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
I have done my research AND my homework.
There's no way that I will just hand over my son to you vultures.
After a somewhat heated debate, I DID agree to Speech & OT, half days 2 times a week.
They agreed to have him re-tested by another facility.
Win win in my book.

The woman from Heritage beat a hasty retreat .... I wonder why?

So that's where we stand at the moment.
I'll know more when he gets re-tested next month and we meet AGAIN in May.
The woman from the County is still looking for an open program, but I have feeling they'll just send someone to his pre-school to tutor him.
Which is really what I want.

We'll see how it all goes ....


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